Things To Hate About the iPhone

I sent my iPhone in the beginning of September, when I was out of office for a long time, a difficult month had started and my phone was in contact with the world. This was the baptism of fire for me and the device. iCloud email login You’ve seen advertisements, played in telephone shops, seen on the shoulders of a comic partner, borrowed your lover … good, right? Or is it?

iCloud email login

In this article, I will discuss a few things about the device that really bothers me. To maintain the balance of just a little or too much of the heavenly ritual, I have a companion article about some things about the iPhone which I liked at all. There is enough stuff for both things, I guarantee you!

You can take back 10 items to hate the iPhone!

  1. Schmidfeller and onscreen keyboard
    On-screen keyboards are surprisingly effective on iPhone and some have been used.

Remember to wash your hands first! It’s not just cosmetic: For some reason I like the dust under my right thumb, the cookie crushes like a sticky patch or is attracted to the key to remove it directly. Generally, I finish the 2-page e-mail and begin to erase the full message character by letter, as it breaks! This is no exaggeration !! this is not normal !!

  1. External memory
    I got a full pig and immediately took 16 GB iPhone. I do not regret! I did not like my music collection and saved all my RP cds more or more on the iPhone. This is 14 GB. It leaves a small room for actual data.

On other units, this is rarely a problem and non-volatile memory is usually a flash memory whose size matches the Moore’s law and its size and speed doubles every 9 months and whose body size There is a new “mini” every two years. Or “Micro” format. Along with the address book for more than 500 names, I still do not have a place on a mobile phone or smartphone.

The problem with the iPhone is that there is no external memory slot to extend the internal memory and there is no way (except for solder iron). Ashamed iPod Touch has just made 32 GB version, and I think the 32GB iPhone is on. In that case, the old user support will ask what to do next.

  1. Battery and battery life
    The iPhone is a bit simpler – simpler with a centimeter thick and round edge. There are only a few buttons, which are not open and broken small doors, and a collection room where lint and dirt accumulate.

One reason for the simple design is that the iPhone does not have a removable battery in the iPhone. The battery can be replaced by a service center, and during the two years I will not have to replace the battery at least once, unless I keep this device, but I can not do it manually. iCloud email login Also, the battery is surprisingly small – it should fit in this beautiful package.

The price you pay is a battery life. My device is now 6 weeks old and almost 5 times (I want to recharge the battery, but empty it once a week). If I do not use a continuous device, then check it twice in just one hour and respond to 3G and push calls, I calculate the full 10 to 12-hour workload between downloads. When I turn on WiFi, this value goes up to 6 or 7 hours. If I use GPS without Wi-Fi, autonomy goes for 4 or 5 hours. If I really want to be economic and want to stay 24 hours, I had to push push email and 3G (both) and keep the screen brightness down.

This is a big problem for some people. Because there is usually a PC or one can plug a USB cable or one day connected to the iPod and charged by the car, then this problem is less. But this remains a problem. I have seen Del Latitude “slice” no iPhone – “battery pack” for the iPhone, autonomously with minimal thickness compared to double, but I’m assuming that the device works on any aftermarket.

  1. Document Management
    There is no way for Windows Mobile File Manager or Mac Finder on iPhone, so there is no way to edit file objects on the device.

Given that, to protect files at the file level near the iPhone, there is a reliable task to protect yourself: camera, for example, a photo album or other application (for example, access to images, But iBlogger-application can be used to write articles). However, there are situations where you need to edit individual file objects.

Installation is set during installation and therefore while installing the root certificates for SSL, the device can communicate with Exchange Server: As long as you used the Apple Enterprise Deployment Tool (which was always used to stop the device and other configuration changes , iCloud for PC So it is not always desirable for the exchange). The only way to set up the device is (if I have not set up a temporary IMAP account and you have got one to download this certificate that by connecting to the PC through Windows Explorer (USB, device memory How easy it is to use and open the certificate file from the iPhone memory is made available as a connected storage device).

Another important requirement for this functionality is the process of attachment in e-mail messages. There is no way to save an attachment or attach a document to a new or forwarded message.

  1. Navigate through e-mail folders
    I keep several emails in my mailbox once a year and usually archive at the end of next year. I am very busy, working on a dozen consulting and business development projects. It means two things: many emails and these emails need to be configured properly.

I can arrange my emails in trees – consulting projects in different folders, and these folders, which are arranged by the clients, are invested in companies that I have invested and separated from my personal belongings. is. Maybe 40 or 50 folders.

On Windows Mobile devices, I can explicitly set it up and extend or reduce sections of folder structure. The iPhone recognizes the tree, but I have no way to hierarchy. Inbox is always on top: Junk emails are always down. Writing an email incorrectly means passing through the whole tree, which is also a problem with posh scroll gestures. This is rude and unnecessary.

  1. Filter the offline e-mail content
    On the other side of this complex is my “online archive” which I will take with myself.

There is no need to take everything (and no other place) with me: I use too much to set a reasonable limit on the area of ​​the goods folder. With Windows Mobile, I can take an email of 1, 2, or 3 months and can tell me whether I am getting connections, email or just headlines. I can also choose which folder I want to take or leave behind. And I do not have to worry if I miss an important folder. I can change the parameters and device downloads that are missing.

The iPhone is slightly less flexible. I can not download attachments in advance: only the message header will be loaded and the connection will be left behind, unless I select the email. iCloud email login I can determine how many emails have been downloaded from one day to one month, but after that, I can not set boundaries. I have a filter for the number of messages in the folder that I display with 25 to 200 messages, but the conversation between this setting and timeout is unclear. If you are a low user, then this is a problem with e-mail users for a complex folder hierarchy, you have less control and may result in memory management problems.

  1. Message management and exchange
    The worst issue of messaging management on the iPhone concerns Microsoft Exchange.

I am an experienced user and I like Microsoft Exchange very much. This is not just my mail server: it is a complete collaboration engine with group and resource planning that has extensive address book, task lists, journaling, contact history, etc. I do not use fax and voicemail But this is the question of buying an interface box on PBX and creating the time to turn this function on. That’s why I am with 60% corporate mailbox users who are affiliated with the exchange.

When the iPhone appeared for the first time, the interaction history of the exchange was bad. It can do IMAP, but this story is just a fraction. No problem, this is not Apple’s target group, but corporate users obviously wanted an iPhone, so Apple decided to work.

To be fair, Apple has done a lot with the iPhone 3G to improve the story of the exchange. iCloud email login Most security protocols exist, including key features like remote wipe and SSL, and push support is provided. Enterprise deployment is also easy with a dedicated enterprise setup tool that supports remote device configurations. Unfortunately, the Apple API is halting half way through and many exchange facilities have been ignored. Some of these, like data loss in calendar and contact components, do not have the same effect on all users. The other elements are more complex.

This is best described by passing e-mail messages with attachments. Exchange APIs allow subscriber to forward message messages without storing message content locally: You can forward the header, and the server relies on other broad content before connection and forwarding. The iPhone does not understand: First of all, it must download all messages and attachments from the iPhone server, add it, and send the entire message back to the server, the address must be forwarded. Moving a message between folders is similar and connected with the same telecommunications overhead. I’m making a nuisance, but not more than this: If you are not in the data bundle and pay with MB, then you have to be cautious.

[The side effect of this problem is that the claims and signatures of the server side are placed at the end of the forwarded message, not the new message text.]

  1. Read HTML and Rich Text Messages
    I like HTML emails very much I know that in some areas it is considered a big sin, but someone has said that if the invention of HIV was invented differently then the e-mail was invented? HTML is omnipresent, it’s clean and it works.

And of course, the iPhone should be the best mobile web device on the market, a fantastic HTML e-mail reader, really?

Well, it’s almost the same. It actually does a few things. This saves the layout, presents inline graphics and also displays background information. But what if the text is really comprehensive? This will work, is not it? No, it’s not. This will change the size of the text to fit it. iCloud login This text is actually very small. And you can not deceive by rotating the device, which makes the screen “wide” and font larger, because the e-mail client does not support the landscape view (why?)

Of course, you can zoom because it’s HTML, but then you have to scan the whole line, leave the line at the bottom of the page, and then go back to the beginning of the next line. Hi dear

  1. Change function
    There is a nice, clear design in the iPhone. And look cool, organized comes from the lack of unfortunate shortcut action button.

In the iPhone there are only three buttons on the side of the device: the best mute button with the power button at the top, the button above the Volume control and Volume control on the side. this is the matter. The device’s only button is the “Home” button in front of the screen.

The Home button blocks any application you want and takes you to the home page of the device – a beautiful page with the device that launches every app on the device. Nice job, it’s beautiful, because you see so many things in it.

There is no way to jump directly to your calendar, address book or email. Double-click action (which can be selected by the user to select or select iPod controls) In addition, the only way to start the function is to come back to the home screen and remember the app that you want. Are you looking for an interesting URL in an email that you want to see in Safari? Remember it or type it, because if the text was not created as a link, then you need to go back to the start page, start Safari, enter a URL that was wrong, find it and find the Home button again Start with e-mail, open e-mail, search URL … and resume

Or you can select only the URL and paste it into the browser’s address bar … except …

How do you cut the earth?
After the discovery of Xerox Mouse, GUI and WYSIWYG editing, Apple was on the edge to take advantage of this technology and make it affordable with Lisa and Mac. And of course, Microsoft makes it ubiquitous.

An enjoyment of using a mouse or pointing device is that when you move on the page, it gives you a third dimension. You are not bound with a line, word or paragraph – you can jump straight in any part of the document. You can select parts of the document by dragging a word, line or paragraph and doing something with it. How to cut it or copy it. Or drag it. iCloud login This is normal. That’s exactly what you do. You do not have a 3-hour seminar and training to point and click, click and drag using the mouse (or pen). Once you show it, the student understands it and does it.

But the company forgot everything that helped the mouse in labs and stores. Get out of your iPhone Write sentences. Write another one. Oops – this will be more useful before the second sentence. I just paste the sentence and paste it. Oh no, you do not! Because there is no cut and paste on the iPhone. listen? No? Well, I say again! There is no war on the iPhone and there is no past.

A little more about Google and you will find dozens of articles on this topic. You will get surprised, angry and frightening. You will also find the brave Apple guru who says that you do not have to paste the jang-paste, because the iPhone gives you another straightforward way to use URL or to identify phone numbers or use information like information.

One possible explanation is that after Apple decided to remove the stylus, only two gestures were used in the interface and drag them to the page to select the text. However, these gestures have already been taken with great documentation and excellent zoom access to the web pages.

However, there is a way. Some reliable evidence has been envisioned on the Internet, in which it shows how one-finger pulls (such as pen-selection in Windows Mobile) and are not contradictory to the other screen action on the iPhone.

Let’s imagine that people imagine, and we saw that cut and paste has been implemented in the next firmware release. Meanwhile, at least twice a day, I believe every iPhone user curses this instant memorandum, because it does not stop tapping again.

this is the matter. Please do not mind me, I think the iPhone is a wonderful, prestigious and mobile device. iCloud email login Like MAC, he changed our perception about our mobile device. Mobile phones and smartphones will not be the same again.

It is only so that despite its brightness it is incomplete. The iPhone is an impressive and bright product, yet there is a very self-sufficient group of engineers. Apple has developed a concept tool that is innovation-free and does not follow reality or practicality. I am grateful that they did, but I am afraid that it will be more clearly for other companies to understand how a user can use it, especially if the user does otherwise to take an iPhone in the next step .

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